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The beautiful pride of corporate fashion

ETP and its proud beauty

ETP designs, creates, and manufactures top quality corporate wear collections . Our collections are worn with a flair and confidence that is wonderful to behold. Confident people are beautiful, and confident workers shine, connect, and are an asset to any company. Indeed, that is ETP's beauty. Our proud beauty.

What inspires us?

We find pleasure in our collections: garments that are worn with flair and confidence.

How do we do that?

Not only do we absolutely love what we do, we are professionals: we have the know-how, the skills, and experience. We are great advocates of teamwork, and the people in our customers’ organization are our priority. Our collections are invariably stylish and practical, whether they are casual workwear or more formal corporate wear. ETP offers full-service project management as a matter-of-course, taking on various tasks, from making the collection's very first designs and samples, up to and including its stock control, distribution, and customer service.


We are ETP. We design, create, and manufacture top quality collections of corporate wear. Uniquely for our customer. Pleased to meet you!