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Full transparency

Our method

Each new project starts with a so-called ETP scan, which entails a full analysis of the customer’s situation. Anything noteworthy will be discussed and any wishes and requirements will be listed. This leads to a proposal, followed by a well-defined and sensible strategy and schedule. As a result, the customer will have a clear understanding of the intended process.

Concept, styling, design

Each concept is the outcome of a mix of components. The creative concept is the result of the customer’s brief and our designers’ sensitivity and imagination, as well as current trends and innovations. In the early stages, we try to fully assess our customer’s organization – everything that is going on there and the people who work there. This ensures a customized collection of corporate wear, which is truly representative of the company and can be worn with great pride. We work with an in-house design team and we also regularly collaborate with prominent Dutch fashion designers.

Production and quality control

We advocate full transparency regarding our production process in foreign countries. We enter into long-standing partnerships with our suppliers, so we get to know each other well. Our garments are manufactured in Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco, India, Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam.

The development and production process are closely monitored. Testing takes place at various stages. This not only applies to fabrics and raw materials, but also to the garments themselves, which are measured and fitted in each phase of the production process, ensuring they are finished according to the designs and required specifications. Our product managers make regular visits during various stages in the production process. Final checks occur after the arrival of freight deliveries at our Oldenzaal warehouse.

What can we do in the meantime?

If so desired, we can provide the following:

  • Fittings, by means of ETP’s in-house developed fitting app
  • A customized E@SYFIT® Webshop
  • Manuals, communication plans for presentations, shows, photography, and so on.

Throughout the project, our skillful and resourceful project managers act on behalf of the customer.

E@SYFIT® Webshop

Exclusively for our customers, we maintain the E@SYFIT® Webshop. This in-house developed online store is linked to our ERP system. All orders and subsequent administrative, financial, and logistical processing are fully integrated. Each customer holds a personalized web shop environment, in keeping with the company’s specific look and brand.

At any given moment, we are able to provide up-to-date information about stocks, ordering statuses, shipment schedules, return transactions, and so on. In addition, our customers receive customized management reports.

What can ETP Servicedesk do for you?

Of course, a web shop requires a customer service. That is where ETP Servicedesk comes in. Staff members – the wearers of the corporate wear – may apply to ETP Servicedesk for any advice, questions, complaints, and special requests. Our Servicedesk team are familiar with the particulars of each customer’s collection.

Both the E@SYFIT® Webshop and the ETP Servicedesk are highly appreciated by the wearers. ETP was valued with an 8.2 score (out of 10) in our customer satisfaction survey, something we are immensely proud of!

European distribution centre

Logistics and distribution
Our logistics operator, Bleckmann, offers a variety of transport solutions, including delivery and return of orders to/from staff members (either home address or via shop/branch), and restocking orders. ETP provides customized logistics.

Stock management
Our logistics system keeps track of our customers’ stocks and supplies at our distribution centre. Stocking the right amount of supplies is crucial. After all, our customers’ staff – the wearers of the corporate wear – should be able to obtain a requested item of clothing, in their own particular size, at any time. Likewise, our customers do not want to be stuck with surplus supplies or too many off-sizes or unsalable items. We understand this thoroughly, and we aim, in close consultation with our customers, for optimal stock control.

Promotional wear

In addition to collections of corporate wear, we also produce one-offs: designs for single use, for example, for promotional purposes or a private label collection. The same procedure applies to these types of wear.