Royal Theatre Carré first opened its doors in the winter of 1887, as a circus. Now, 130 years later, the building's origins are still noticeable in its architecture, programming, and, since recently, also in its new collection of corporate wear. The collection was designed by Tilly Garcia, founder of the Expresso brand, and created in collaboration with ETP. ETP produced the garments.

Tilly Garcia is a Carré ambassador and she is very fond of the theatre. "My husband and I support Carré because we think it's important that this type of theatre is preserved for the future. The theatre has existed for 130 years, and it's absolutely wonderful. Big names in the theatre and music world have performed there, and will continue to perform there in the years to come."

Pieter van Opheusden, audience services and events manager at Carré, says, "It's really wonderful that Tilly Garcia, as a Friend of the theatre, applied her expertise and network to complete this project with ETP. We wanted the designs to convey something theatrical, but they had to be comfortable to wear as well. ETP has thoroughly succeeded in combining these two requirements of representativeness and practicality. We have always been praised for our hospitality, but our new corporate wear has even reinforced that welcoming feeling. The designs show Carré's history, but with a modern twist. I am absolutely delighted with the result."

Tilly looked for inspiration in the past. The collection is a modern-day version of a historical costume. "The greatest challenge was to design something that exudes Carré's true spirit. I was given complete freedom to develop that idea." Of course, the design not only had to look fabulous, it had to be user-friendly as well. "It wasn't hard for me to interweave those two aspects, as I'm a practical type of person. For instance, the ladies' robe-manteau and the gentlemen's waistcoat for the catering staff have been made sleeveless, so they're not in the way during work. Also, we used fabrics with stretchy Lycra, for a comfortable fit."

"For our colour scheme - red, black, and gold - we took inspiration from the theatre," says Pieter van Opheusden. "Red velvet is found throughout Carré, the gold buttons and detailing hint at the royal connection, and black provides a contemporary, chic look."

With Expresso, Tilly wanted to provide Dutch women with well-designed clothes with a fabulous fit that are both stylish and comfortable to wear. As such qualities are equally important for workwear, the collaboration with ETP went smoothly. "Claudia and Fleur (ETP project managers) are skilful professionals and under their coaching this project went really well. And thanks to Pieter van Opheusden's ability to express Carré's wishes in such a clear and lucid way, I was able to get straight to the point. I enjoyed doing this immensely, and ETP did a fantastic job!"

On behalf of Carré, Pieter van Opheusden thanks Tilly and ETP for the enjoyable team collaboration and for their help in creating Carré's new line of corporate wear.

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