Cooperative Dela

Cooperative DELA has been an ETP customer since 2005, the year their corporate wear collection, designed by Paul Schulten, was introduced. Since then, DELA has set itself the goal of becoming the most committed funeral provider in the Netherlands. As its staff will play a crucial role in achieving this goal, DELA decided a new look for them was in order. And once again, they joined forces with ETP.

ETP introduced DELA to a number of distinguished Dutch fashion designers and Francisco van Benthum's style and signature struck an immediate chord.

Early 2015, the rollout of the new collection of corporate wear took place. There are various items to choose from, so staff members can change their look depending on the particular task at hand. The collection is noticeable for its colour, which was especially developed for DELA, striking patterns, and stylish accessories.

This stylish, distinctive, and refreshing look was lauded by the DELA staff– the wearers – as well as visitors.

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