The wondrous world of Efteling - everyone should visit this amusement park at least once. Initially set up as a fairyland park themed around ten fairy tales, Efteling has grown into a fairyland world, that reached a staggering 5 million visitors from home and abroad in 2017. A love of nature and fairy tales has been combined with the kind of gregarious hospitality typical of the southern parts of the Netherlands.

The year 2017 saw Efteling's 65th anniversary. Efteling celebrated this joyful occasion with a new exposition in the centre of the park, the opening of Holiday Park Efteling Loonsche Land, and the opening of Symbolica, an enormous indoor attraction. Of course, the anniversary provided the perfect occasion for presenting a brand-new collection of workwear and corporate wear. The collection was the result of a collaboration between ETP and Dutch designer Mattijs van Bergen. 

Mattijs van Bergen
Preparations for the Efteling collection started as early as 2015, when ETP introduced a number of designers to Efteling. Efteling selected Mattijs van Bergen, which was a logical choice. After all, Mattijs' bold, colourful designs ooze a hint of fairy-tale-ness. We could not have done this project without the help of Efteling's creative team and staff. Many staff members acted as a test panel, and employees from various job groups wore the designs as part of a pilot study. This collection, therefore, is very much the result of a collaborated effort and creative process.

The rollout of the new corporate wear was scheduled for the end of 2017, comprising all job groups: attraction attendants, catering services and merchandise personnel, front office and guest services staff, management, cooks, and support services personnel. In the Autumn, ETP organized fitting sessions for all 2,500 Efteling employees, who then received their sets of corporate wear made to measure. The new collection has been in use since December 2017.

New collection
The Efteling collection consist of 65 separate items, from business suits and trench coats for management to comfortable workwear for park attendants, including trousers, waistcoats, shirts, jackets, softshells, and cold weather accessories. Catering services and merchandise staff, support services personnel, pool attendants, and so on, were also given new, complete outfits. The collection in its entirety is absolutely stunning.

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